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Written by Matt Ryan   

ImageIt is possible to make rain. In fact, it’s been done more times than anyone can remember. For thousands and thousands of years there have been rainmakers and stories of rainmakers – which continue today. All those years, all those stories – could they all be in error, or just myth?

It is possible to make rain. In fact, the two of us here at Rainmaker-Rainmaker have done it more times than we can remember, exactly . . . probably a couple hundred times at least.

It is possible to make rain – and over time others notice, they note that somehow you seemed to have something to do with it raining. This acknowledgement is as refreshing as the glistening rain: another human being sees that what “they” told you couldn’t be done, can be.  

On this page is a link to a dozen or so newspaper articles and stories that were written about the rainmaking the two of us here at Rainmaker-Rainmaker have done in years past.

When considering the idea of making rain understand that we don’t “make rain.” God and Nature make the rain. We don’t “control the weather.” We influence it. We work with it and respect it for what it is: a huge, dynamic energy system spanning the globe, encompassing us all and changing constantly second by minute by hour by day by season – taking us with it all the way.  Every single day of our lives the weather affects us. (Nature might be set up so that you can affect the weather back.)

ImageIt is possible to make rain, alter the weather, end droughts, bring “normal” weather back to a region that’s undergoing drought.
It’s possible to alter the weather in other ways too. Some of the means to alter the weather are based on natural scientific understanding; some of the means are spiritual in nature.

Matt and Gigi Ryan at Rainmaker-Rainmaker know how to use both means and have done so many times to bring rains and replenishing moisture to drought stricken areas, or helped to regulate the weather in a region so that it  remained near “normal” in these times of severe weather changes everywhere.

Rainmakers of old came from and were known to the people they served. They were not common and yet they were not rare, either. And usually the rest of the people participated in the rainmaking way. Today, the people don’t much believe in rainmaking so they don’t produce many rainmakers and almost never think when facing a drought that something could be done.

ImageBut it can be. It’s more than possible to make rain. It’s predictable. We’ve done it many times in many states in all four of the seasons.
Exactly where, when and how can be found at different places on this site.

Please join us.