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Romancing the Clouds PDF Print E-mail
Written by J.R. Moehringer   
Los Angeles Times

February 23, 2003

ImageConrad, Montana – They still think about the rainmaker, still remember him fondly, especially when a beautiful cloud rolls by.

They still talk about the rainmaker, over cups of coffee at the Home Café or beers at the Ryegate Bar. They can’t help it – they miss him. They wish he would return. They would give anything to see the rainmaker drive up in his dusty old truck, setting forth his grand theory of life and promising to wring a few good storms from their dried-out sky.

But there isn’t any money for the rainmaker right now.

After another year of drought, most farmers in Montana are broke, many are beyond broke, hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Whatever mad money that had stashed away for an unrainy day, they gave the rainmaker when he last came through town.

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