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Living in Balance with the Earth-Changes
In a few short months the price of fuel and food rose sky high
the whole world noticed.
How you reacted can tell how ready you are for the Earth-changes.
Every change on the Earth causes changes in human  
being, thinking, feeling, and belief.
A gallon of gas goes up $2, the world gets scared, angry, depressed. What would happen
if gas wasn’t much available, at any price?
Or food got real scarce?
What could cause that? And where would you be?  
You may have noticed Earth-changes are increasing every year.  
It’s not your imagination. Ask the Red Cross.
There is more to Earth-changes than something happening
 “on the earth”
Whatever happens on Earth happens to you, eventually.  
The time between cause and effect is speeding up
the Earth is changing more intensely
Ask NASA or the Red Cross
Learn to live in balance with the Earth-changes:
practically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Balance in the Earth-changes workshops will combine didactic teaching with hands-on activities, ceremonies, and other experiential learning. Given by Matt and Gigi Ryan at their 24 acre home and retreat in the Mt. Shasta valley of Northern California.

Workshops and Seminars are Ongoing
For Times and Places please check back or contact us.


Matthew Ryan is a professional rainmaker who has broken droughts in most regions of this country. He learned much of his craft in the ten years he spent with Sun Bear, the Chippewa medicine man who founded The Bear Tribe. The former editor of Wildfire magazine, Ryan has edited and published several books on earth changes, including Black Dawn/Bright Day. Ryan has homesteaded in several states and is knowledgeable about living comfortably and self-sufficiently in any situation. He is knowledgeable too about most of the world’s prophetic traditions that foretell of these times, is an accomplished storyteller and loves sharing with others his knowledge on coping with the challenges of this time.
Gigi Ryan grew up on a farm in the Pacific Northwest . With maternal Native American ancestry, she developed an extraordinary relationship with the nature and animals around her. A three-time Grand National Champion with Arabian horses, she is a former professional artist who has also designed and built several homes. Gigi has a deep understanding of the Earth and spirit that translates easily to those around her.   
To register, or for more information:
 rainmaker-rainmaker. com
call or write: 530-925-6028
PO Box, 1346, Mt.Shasta, CA 96067 
additional notes to Earth-changes seminars
By earth-changes we mean the things that are showing up strongly
on the Earth right now: climate, weather changes, the oceans, the
earthquakes, species disappearing, a diminishing electromagnetic
field, etc.  
But we also mean the human movement: discoveries of distant
planets, thousands of satellites alongside our little house in space,
maybe a Black man for the first time in the White House. Then
too, we notice we somehow decided to start growing corn for our
cars instead of for people even though a lot of people are hungry
and can’t afford car fuel. Meanwhile, though everyone is instantly
linked around the globe, the three biggest religions still don’t get
along hardly at all, and some nations still want to just obliterate
We notice too that there is a ubiquitous mental-being that now
attends us quite a bit: the video screen attached to the tv, computer,
cell phone, Ipod, scents us all day long to turn its way. Which is
not “natural.” Not that it’s “wrong” – but it keeps us from looking
to nature.
And “nature” is what is changing now. Earth-changes are
provoking changes in Nature at-large – something will disappear;
something will appear. It’s called evolution. It’s happened before.
Many times. Sometimes it’s mostly species that disappear, as when
the dinosaurs left and the mammals showed up. Other times, it’s
huge landmasses along with the species, moving or disappearing
under the oceans, upthrust on the lands. 
We’re not sure about this cycle yet, but we guess it might be the
biggest, fanciest set of earth-changes to date.
Which is why we’re here. For the show. For the opportunity. For
the love of it. Even though sometimes, just like you, we get upset,
distressed, worried, fearful and somewhat depressed.
We are, however, highly trained and get ourselves over it. Back in
balance, still a little neurotic but functional. 
And we’d like to help you do the same.   
These programs will run over the next year, be taught primarily by
Matt and Gigi Ryan, and will address the host of issues, concerns
and needs that help or hinder living a balanced life in the midst of
the Earth changes currently happening, and expected to increase.
Each program will deal with practical matters: How do you
provide for yourself, family, loved ones on a daily basis, deal with
short-term disruptions of things, while more or less continuing to
live the life you’re living today. Why and how do you prepare to
do more?
Each program will deal with emotional matters: The anxiety, fear,
dread, worry are wearing people down, as much as any physical
load. How to understand and work with the emotional body so that
it helps not hinders, complements not cripples your current way of
being; and helps you with the next step.
Each program will deal with the mental aspects of Earth changes:
more fears start in the mind than in the gut. The concepts and
beliefs you carry today are going to have to get you through some
very challenging and scary times ahead. There may well be big
distresses, despairs and disruptions, as well as exhilarations. The
mental guidelines we use to understand our realities need to be
flexible, open to all kinds of changes, needs and solutions. 
Every program will embrace the spiritual body, the deep knowing
we each have about ourselves, others, and nature. The purpose or
the consequence (however you wish to see it) of the Earth Changes
will involve a change in human consciousness. We will recognize,
acknowledge and work with this body too, through ceremonies and
other pleasant practices.
All program content and experiences will confirm that we are
entering into a stepped up phase of the Earth Changes, and that it is
now time to start being more active.
The programs held at our home and retreat on 24 acres in the Mt.
Shasta, California area are on spectacular lands and location, with
several small streams and views dominated by snowcapped
mountains and greenery.
(We also do sponsored workshops around the country)
All programs will be part teaching, part hands-on. 
Please feel free to contact us for more information.